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Agreement on the supply of plant material by M.M. Gryshko
National Botanical Garden National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Since the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD, Rio de Janeiro, 1992) came into force, it has become necessary for Botanic Gardens to comply in particular with Article 15 of this convention (access to genetic resources), especially in connection with the exchange of plant material. Accordingly, the garden only passes on plant material to others under the condition that the recipient acts in the spirit of CBD.

The garden is dedicated to conservation, sustainable use and research of biological diversity. With regard to the acquisition, maintenance and supply of plant material, the garden therefore expects its partners to act in a manner that is consistent to the letter and the spirit of CBD, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) and in compliance with any other relevant conventions and laws relating to the protection of biological diversity.

Consequently, only those persons and institutions will receive plant material from the garden's collection who accept the following conditions:

  1. On the basis of this agreement, the material is intended to serve the common good, paticularly scientific study, education and the interests of environmental protection.
  2. Upon accepting plant material from the garden, the recipient is obliged to document and preserve information relating to the material appropriately.
  3. If scientific publications result from studies on the plant material provided, the origin of the material is to be cited. In addition, these publications are expected to be sent to the garden automatically without any further request.
  4. Intended commercial use by the recipient is not covered by this agreement. Any commercialisation is the object of a separate agreement with the country of origin. This agreement underlies the provisions of CBD, i.e. the user is obliged to share benefits with the country of origin and to forward relevant information to the authority instructed with the implementation of CBD.
  5. The garden will on request forward information on the material supply to the authority instructed with the implementation of CBD.
  6. Plant material may only be supplied to others on the basis and under the conditions of this or a corresponding agreement.

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