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Orhidology at the turn of XIX - XX c. Collection of articles / comp. Roman Ivannikov. – Kyiv : "Universal Servis", 2016. – 255 p. : ill. – ISBN 978-966-02-7140-1. – 350 copies.

The book in chronological order presented unique archival materials about the formation and development of orchid culture in Russia and Ukraine in the late XIX, beginning of XX centuries. The main stages of Orchid Society creation on the territory of the Russian Empire and its activity during this period are expounded. The articles written by Society Members are collected in an original version. They were published in different years and in different periodicals of those times. The little-known historical facts and biographical information of the most active amateurs-participants of the orchid growing movement are given in the introduction. There are stories about representatives of more than 400 taxa of orchids from tropical and temperate zones, information about their biology and culture in the texts of the articles.

This publication will be useful to a wide range of readers interested in the history of biology, botany, indoor horticulture, in the methods of tropical and subtropical plants cultivation and also for researchers, graduate students and amateurs.

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Gorobets V. F. PEONIES / Gorobets V. F. – Kyiv : Veles, 2015. – 160 p. – ISBN 978-966-02-7643-7

The boor deals with experiments on herbaceous peonies and researches on peony biology and morphology. The data on the history of formation and development of herbaceous peony breeding are given. A brief description of the peony varieties selected in M. M. Gryshko National Botanical Gardens, NAS of Ukraine is presented. The original names of the peony varieties and their transliteration are cited. The information on registration, certificates and about authors of these varieties is given.

The book is for biologists, botanists, plant selectionists, horticulturists, landscape designers and amateur-floriculturists.

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